About Us

At Cordz, our mission is to provide the latest trends and high-quality accessories to keep your eyewear safe and look amazing doing so.

Cordz is based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We supply fashion accessories to keep your eyewear safe. Who else is sick of losing or breaking their expensive eyewear? I know we are! When you combine fashion with functionality, you get Cordz. Cordz is a versatile product that combines perfectly with a plethora of outfits and accessories! We created a practical product that is stylish and seamlessly fits into our everyday life.

Where it all started:
Before traveling overseas at the end of 2019, I came across this old pair of glasses cords. If you're anything like me, I'm notorious for losing or breaking my glasses (especially while traveling), so I thought that this would be a lifesaver purely from a functionality standpoint. I successfully made it through 4 weeks of traveling without a scratch on my new sunnies. I saw this as an opportunity to develop a trendy range of high-quality Cordz that people can wear as a fashion accessory that looks amazing and keeps their eyewear safe.

Eye health:
Before launching Cordz, we conducted market research around patrons' knowledge with eye health and whether they're using their eyewear correctly or at all. Common themes occurred around people forgetting their eyewear at home or in their car, and simply being reluctant to wear them as they're afraid of losing or damaging them.

Wearing sunglasses benefits us as it protects our eyes from UV light. UV light is harmful and can cause severe effects on our eyelids, retina, lenses, and cornea. Whether it is sunny or not, there is always a chance for us to be exposed to ultraviolet light, which is harmful to our eyes. Overexposure can ruin our eyes as they become sunburnt, which leads to painful conditions called photokeratitis, cataracts, or eye cancer.

Cordz is not only a fashion statement but a reminder to keep your eyewear close so you can wear them consistent and keep your eyes safe.

At Cordz, we believe strongly about giving back to people in need. This is why, over the first 12 weeks of operating, we donated 100% of proceeds to The Fred Hollows Foundation. Eye health is paramount for us at Cordz, and we couldn't find a more suitable charity to donate this money to. It only cost $25 to restore someone's eyesight, which means the $2,591.50 donated can help 103 people regain vision.